Purple Cactus Counseling, LLC

Heidi Chinlund   LCSW,C.HT

Welcome to Purple Cactus Counseling

From within the harshest of conditions
 resilience, strength, and beauty can grow.

We are here to provide you the tools, techniques, and support 
to help you navigate your challenges. 
No matter how bad you feel right now, you can feel better.
Even if you feel powerless right now,
you have the power within you to make changes.
There is hope.

Through the use of evidence-based practices,
blended  with  your individual strengths and abilities,
we work with you to find relief in healthier feelings,
to gain control by achieving inner calmness,
to find balance and healing.

Who We Help
We work with adolescents, teens, and adults who experience, or feel impaired by, any of the following:

Panic/ Anxiety Attacks
High Level of Emotions
Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (cutting, burning, etc.)

If you or someone you love  is experiencing any of the above conditions/symptoms, and are ready to make changes in how you feel and cope with your stresses, CONTACT us for further information on  how we can help you begin your journey to healing.

Clinical Hypnosis Sessions

 Hypnosis is a safe, natural, and effective way to help in eliminating undesirable behaviors and habits, as well as enhancing other areas of functioning. Hypnosis is a resource state that allows for changes and improvements in all over functioning such as: 

          Smoking Cessation
          Fear of Flying
          Panic/Anxiety Attacks
          Goal Attainment
          Confidence/ Self-Esteem  Building
          Stress and Anxiety Relief

          Academic Performance

          Accessing Creativity
          Sports Performance

Heidi also provides medical hypnosis to address topics  such as:
          Reducing Chronic Pain
          Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting

          Time Distortion for Undergoing Treatments
          Preparing for Procedures

​​ If you are experiencing other medical related issues, contact Heidi to see if hypnosis can be a complimentary process to increase your functioning and quality of life.

Hypnosis Session (1 hour) ..............................$100

Personalized Mp3 Recorded Sessions

Personalized Mp3 Rerecorded Sessions are a wonderful way to have access to regular reinforcement of the outcomes you'd like to achieve.  These personalized sessions are perfect for:
·         Goal Attainment

·         Confidence Building

·         Stress and Anxiety Relief

·         Academic Performance

·         Accessing Creativity

·         And many other areas of wanted improvement
 Heidi communicates with you directly via phone and email to gather all necessary information, and then creates a recorded hypnosis session based on the information you provide. Personalized Mp3 Recorded Sessions can take between 1-3 weeks to complete, based on current schedule and demand.
 Hypnosis for Decreasing Nausea and Smoking Cessation can NOT be provided in Mp3 form.

  Personalized Mp3 Recorded Session...........$75.00
**If you have never experienced hypnosis please download this Mp3 recording to better prepare for your session.**

Price is based per session, Mental Health Sessions are 50 minutes in length, Clinical Hypnosis sessions are 1 hour in length.  There is no extra charge if Hypnosis session exceeds scheduled time if hypnosis is extended by practitioner's discretion.
Payments for Mp3 sessions are made through PayPal, invoice will be sent once session is arranged.  Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, and Discover accepted for all services. All services are self-pay, insurance is not accepted.


24 hour notice is required for cancellation and full refund. Sessions canceled within 24 hours of scheduled session will be charged a $25 fee. Fee will be deducted from any refund if applicable.
In-person session availability is limited and by appointment only. Please contact Heidi to schedule. Secure video (telemedicine) online sessions  are also available  for certain services.​
If you have never experienced hypnosis please download this Mp3 recording to better prepare for your session.

Disclaimer: All hypnosis sessions, including pre-recorded Mp3 downloads and personally recorded Mp3 sessions, are for personal enhancement and growth only, and are considered non-therapeutic, and are not a substitution for medical care or mental health therapy/counseling. Hypnosis may be used as form of complementary care with medical and/or mental health services.