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Heidi Chinlund   LCSW,C.HT

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Group Sessions

Hypnosis for Living With a Debilitating Disease or Condition

Join us  to experience clinical hypnosis in addressing symptoms and side effects of chronic pain, and  living with a debilitating disease or condition. For those diagnosed with cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, kidney disease/ renal kidney failure, and many other conditions and diseases that limit functioning, the physical  and medical issues are difficult, but the mental stress, feelings of being overwhelmed,  anxiety that accompany these diagnosis,  and treatments also play a part in a person's over-all well being. Adding hypnosis as part of your wellness plan can help reduce the mental strains by addressing stress and anxiety, as well as help support accompanying medical treatments in managing pain and side effects of necessary treatments. 
Stress and Anxiety Relief
For those diagnosed with a debilitating disease or condition to help reduce associated anxiety and stress, and help create a more receptive, stress reduced state for medications and treatments.

Pain Management
For those experiencing chronic pain and want to integrate additional methods into their pain management routine for greater levels of relief.  

Live Group Sessions now closed. Mp3 Sessions will be available soon.